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Thoughts, anectdotes and experiences from a physician who enjoys change and innovation

Since 2008, I have been blogging about topics and resources that are relevant to IT and innovation within the healthcare industry. You'll find my opinions, answers to a variety of questions, conference summaries, commentaries on articles I have found interesting and lessons I've shared with audiences at speaking engagements across the country, and the world. I like to keep it interesting and provocative, and as a result The Change Doctor Blog has been honored as "One of the Top 50 Healthcare IT Blogs" over the years.  

In more recent years, I have published more of my thinking via my LinkedIn page, and done a fair amount of podcasts, interviews, webinars and conferences that explain a lot of my experiences and thinking over the years (links provided below).  

Some of my Favorite Blogs

Podcasts and Interviews

Selected Talks and Presentations​ (Videos)

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